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2016 Online Working Memory Week took place November 7- 11, comprising a series of webinars from international experts in the field of working memory. Sessions were recorded:

Listen to recordings from 2016's Online Working Memory Week

Recorded Webinars

Title: An Introduction to Cogmed Working Memory Training
Time: 14:00

Get a quick introduction to Cogmed, how it can support in the improvement of working memory, and see how it differs from other "brain-training" tools.

Title: Create Academic and Behavioural Transformation for Students with ADHD
Time: 23:00

A short, introductory presentation, illustrating how Cogmed and Review360®-employed in several Canadian districts-can work together in the SAIM model (Screen-Assess-Intervene-Monitor) to create academic and behavioural transformation for students in your school(s).

Title: Cogmed Working Memory Program in Schools
Time: 10:50

Learn about Cogmed and how it can help support the improvement of working memory and attention for your students. This short webinar will discuss how targeting the working memory needs of students can help to address learning outcomes.

More recordings of past webinars can be found here.

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