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Thank you for your interest in providing the Cogmed Working Memory Training™ intervention in your practice/organization or school(s)

Cogmed is a coach-moderated intervention - Good cognitive training is demanding. It needs to be both challenging and rewarding in order to work. The Cogmed program has demonstrated sustained and measurable effects in education and health care due to the support and motivation of professional Cogmed Providers or "Coaches". We know that the feedback and support provided by a professional Cogmed Coach helps Cogmed Trainees stay on track and make the most of their training.

If you are an educational professional, psychologist, speech language pathologist, occupational therapist or other clinical specialist working with children and adults, Cogmed is a valuable tool to add to your school or practice to improve their attention, learning capacity and daily functioning.

If you work in a school environment and want to help children with working memory difficulties, see Schools.

As a Qualified Cogmed Coach you can:

  • Differentiate your school or practice by offering an effective, evidence-based intervention
  • Provide a well-structured solution for children and adults you have assessed with working memory difficulties
  • Support and encourage trainees to complete the program
  • Make a real difference in people's lives—improvements to working memory have an impact on core, everyday living skills

To promote success with implementing Cogmed, Pearson provides web-based Professional Training. This self-guided online professional training can be done at your own pace, and provides you with an understanding of the Cogmed program, its coaching methodology, and a data analysis strategy. Web-based training for additional staff, as well as on-site training, is also available.

Pricing & Packages:

Cogmed packages are available as single ($350), 5, and 10–license packages, and also include an attractive site license. View our pricing page for further details, or our order form to purchase your Cogmed package.

To register, get more information, or learn more about Cogmed Professional Training, please tell us a little bit about yourself and your practice or school/district. Our Cogmed Consultant will follow up with you shortly to discuss your goals with your clients/students.

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