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Winnie Dunn

Assess sensory information related to school performance
Ages / Grades3:0 to 11:11 years
Administration Time30 minutes
Administration FormatPaper-and-pencil
Scores / InterpretationCut scores
Scoring OptionsSensory Profile® Select™ Scoring Assistant® software, hand-scoring
QualificationLevel B

Sensory Profile™ School Companion


The Sensory Profile School Companion is a standardized and theoretically based measure that adds another layer to a child’s sensory processing evaluation by including and refl ecting the observations of a child’s teacher. Using the Sensory Profile School Companion in conjunction with the Sensory Profile helps the school-based clinician assess how a child’s sensory processing skills affect his/her behaviour and performance in the classroom. It allows you to:

  • Gather critical sensory information related to the school environment in addition to home or community settings
  • Understand the complexities of sensory processing in school-age children by gaining a comprehensive evaluation in various contexts, including the academic setting
  • Design strategies for managing daily life activities

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Materials and Prices Price
Additional Administration Materials
076-1600-213Sensory Profile™ School Companion Manual
076-1600-256Sensory Profile™ School Companion Summary Score Sheets
Pkg of 25
076-1600-23XSensory Profile™ School Companion Teacher Questionnaires
Pkg of 25