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Winnie Dunn

Examine sensory processing patterns in young children
Ages / GradesBirth to 3:0 years
Administration Time30 minutes
Administration FormatPaper-and-pencil
Scores / InterpretationCut scores
Scoring OptionsSensory Profile® Select™ Scoring Assistant® software, hand-scoring
QualificationLevel B

Sensory Profile™ Infant/Toddler


The Sensory Profile Infant/Toddler provides a standard method for measuring an infant's sensory processing abilities. It helps therapists, early childhood teachers, and parents profile the effect of sensory processing on functional performance in the daily life of the infant.

Caregivers complete a judgment-based questionnaire, reporting the frequency with which infants respond to various sensory experiences (Almost Always, Frequently, Occasionally, Seldom, or Almost Never.) The Sensory Profile Infant/Toddler provides validated and reliable scores as well as interpretation of results and case studies for your review.

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Materials and Prices Price
Additional Administration Materials
076-1649-565Sensory Profile™ Infant/Toddler Caregiver Questionnaires
Pkg of 25
076-1649-581Sensory Profile™ Infant/Toddler Summary Score Sheets
Pkg of 25
076-1649-557Sensory Profile™ Infant/Toddler User's Manual