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BASC™–2 Student Observation System

Need to record data on language behaviours in the classroom? Measure carryover in a 15-minute play activity? Gather a language sample? You can make record keeping and data gathering in authentic assessment and intervention activities a snap with the Behavioral Assessment System for Children, Second Edition (BASC–2) Student Observation System.

A more Objective Process of Observation

The BASC–2 Student Observation System lets you code and record direct observations of a child's behaviour. Using momentary time sampling–during 3-second intervals spaced 30 seconds apart for 15 minutes–you can objectively rate a wide range of behaviours. The system assesses both adaptive and maladaptive behaviors, from positive peer interaction to repetitive motor movements. It can also be used for the direct observation portion of a Functional Behavioural Assessment.

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