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Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children®—Fourth Edition: Canadian

2003, 2004 | Wechsler, David

Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children®—Fourth Edition: Canadian

The gold-standard test of intelligence that helps you develop and support your clinical judgements and recommend intervention strategies

Ages / Grades 6:0 to 16:11 Years
Administration Setting Core Subtests: 65-80 Minutes
Scores / Interpretation FSIQ, Index Scores, Subtest Scaled Scores
Report Options Score, client, and interpretive reports
Qualification Level C


The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children—Fourth Edition: Canadian (WISC®–IVCDN) draws on the latest research and diagnostic criteria to provide a notably improved index score level of analysis. Based on four index scores that reflect different abilities important to express intelligent behaviour in the classroom and beyond, it provides you with critical insights into key indicators of cognitive strengths and weaknesses to assess learning disabilities, executive functioning, attention disorders, traumatic brain injuries, mental retardation, giftedness, or other medical and neurological concerns.

Now available with updated norms...

The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children®–Fifth Edition: Canadian (WISC®–VCDN)

Stronger Clinical Utility

  • Improved assessment of fluid reasoning, working memory, and processing speed
  • Fewer core subtests—takes less time
  • Decreased emphasis on time with fewer time bonuses
  • Improved reliabilities and validities
  • Improved floors and ceilings on all subtests
  • Correlational studies (U.S. data only) were conducted between the WISC®–IV and other measures of memory (CMS™), adaptive behaviour (ABAS®–II), emotional intelligence (BarOn Emotional-Quotient Inventory: Youth Version™), and giftedness (GRS™)
  • Chapter on interpretation
  • Updated norms and items


The WISC®–IVCDN includes 10 core subtests and 5 supplemental subtests, as illustrated in the chart below. This newest edition has improved floors and ceilings on all subtests.


The Wechsler Tradition: Reliability and Clinical Validity

The WISC®–IVCDN normative sample consisted of 1,100 children ages 6 to 16, with 100 children in each of the 11 age groups. The sample was stratified based on age, sex, parent education level, geographic region, and race/ethnicity. For validity studies, WISC®–IVCDN data were collected from 4 clinical groups in Canada and 16 clinical groups in the U.S. Equivalency studies were also conducted within the Wechsler family of tests, enabling you to make meaningful and predictive comparisons between various Wechsler scores. The WISC®–IVCDN manual reports results of internal consistency, correlational data, and factor analysis.

WISC®–IVCDN Scoring Assistant®

Save time and effort by generating reports and interpreting results with the Scoring Assistant software.You can score a case, maintain demographic information, store raw scores, and produce comprehensive score reports. This software complements the WIAT®–IICDN and upcoming WIAT®–IIICDN Scoring Assistants and features a table and graph report that provides raw-to-scaled score conversions, strength and weakness discrepancies, index scores, and ability-achievement discrepancies with the WIAT®–IICDN and WIAT®–IIICDN.


The WISC®–IVCDN Writer software programs include all of the features of the Scoring Assistant, plus a comprehensive interpretive reporting function. The Writer interprets clinically significant differences between scores and provides a Clinical and Background Review as well as a Parent Report.

WISC®–IVCDN Linked to WIAT®–IICDN and upcoming WIAT®–IIICDN for Canada

Achievement–ability discrepancy calculations are now available based on Canadian data. The WISC®–IVCDN Manual, Scoring Assistant, and Writer all provide for this important comparison, which is often key to the diagnosis of learning disabilities in children. Please note: In case of a software-created comparison, both the WISC®–IVCDN and WIAT®–IICDN/WIAT®–IIICDN software have to be installed.

Obtain Valid Memory/Cognition Comparisons

A statistically valid and reliable discrepancy analysis (U.S. data only) is available for the WISC®–IV and the Children's Memory Scale™ (CMS).

Tablet-based Administration for the WISC–IV

Stimulus books, record forms, and administration instructions are in one place, increasing portability. On-the-fly scoring increases efficiency of administration and reduces overall assessment time.

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7747-5402-8 WISC®–IV CDN Complete Kit in Box
Includes Administration and Scoring Manual, Integrated Technical and Interpretive Manual (for use with both the WISC–IV CDN and WISC–IV Integrated), Stimulus Book 1,25 Record Forms, 25 each of Response Booklets 1 and 2, Symbol Search Scoring Key, Coding Scoring Key with Coding Recall*, Cancellation Scoring Templates, and 9 Block Design Cubes
7747-5403-6 WISC®–IV CDN Complete Kit in Hard Case
Includes contents listed above plus attaché case
7747-5404-4 WISC®–IV CDN Complete Kit in Soft Case
Includes contents listed above plus soft-side carrying case
7747-5405-2 WISC®–IV CDN Complete Kit in Hard Case with Scoring Assistant
7747-5406-0 WISC®–IV CDN Complete Kit in Box with Scoring Assistant
7747-5407-9 WISC®–IV CDN Complete Kit in Soft Case with Scoring Assistant
7747-5408-7 WISC®–IV CDN Complete Kit in Box with Writer
7747-5409-5 WISC®–IV CDN Complete Kit in Hard Case with Writer
7747-5410-9 WISC®–IV CDN Complete Kit in Soft Case with Writer
015-8979-087 WISC®–IV Response Booklet #1
Coding and Symbol Search - Pkg of 25
015-8979-095 WISC®–IV Response Booklet #2
Cancellation - Pkg of 25
015-8979-443 WISC®–IV CDN Training CD
7747-5387-0 WISC®–IV CDN Scoring Assistant
The WISC–IV CDN Scoring Assistant and WISC–IV CDN Writer can be used with the WISC–IV CDN portion of the WISC–IV Integrated Assessment.
7747-5388-9 WISC®–IV CDN Record Form
Pkg of 25
7747-5414-1 WISC®–IV CDN Writer
The WISC–IV CDN Scoring Assistant and WISC–IV CDN Writer can be used with the WISC–IV CDN portion of the WISC–IV Integrated Assessment.
7747-5415-X WISC®–IV CDN Scoring Assistant Upgrade to WISC®–IV CDN Writer