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Sensory Profile™

1999 | Dunn, Winnie

Sensory Profile™

Evaluate sensory information processing

Ages / Grades 3 to 10:11 years
Administration Setting 20–30 minutes for caregiver questionnaire; 15 minutes for therapist to score
Administration Format Paper-and-pencil
Scores / Interpretation Raw scores, factor summary scores
Scoring Options Sensory Profile™ Select Scoring Assistant® software, hand-scoring
Qualification Level B



The Sensory Profile family of assessment tools provides a standard method for Occupational Therapists to measure sensory processing skills in their clients. Including the best-selling Sensory Profile, Infant/Toddler Sensory Profile, Adolescent/Adult Sensory Profile, and the Sensory Profile School Companion, they are tools for linking performance strengths and barriers with an individual’s sensory processing patterns. Their purpose is to evaluate the possible contributions of sensory processing to a person’s daily performance patterns and to provide information about both the tendencies to respond to stimuli and the levels on which sensory systems are likely to be contributing to or creating barriers to functional performance.

  • Understand the complexities of sensory processing
  • Gather critical sensory information related to home, school, and work
  • Design strategies for managing daily life

The Sensory Profile is a judgment-based questionnaire that records the responses to sensory stimulation. It helps you determine how well children ages 3 to 10 years process sensory information in everyday situations. A caregiver who has daily contact with a child completes the questionnaire by reporting the frequency with which specific behaviours occur.

The Sensory Profile consists of 125 items grouped into three main sections: Sensory Processing, Modulation, and Behavioural and Emotional Responses. The nine factor groupings characterize children by their responsiveness to sensory input including Sensory Seeking, Emotional Reactive, Low Endurance/Tone, Oral Sensory Sensitivity, Inattention/Distractibility, Poor Registration, Sensory Sensitivity, Sedentary, and Fine Motor/Perceptual.

The Sensory Profile is appropriate for use with children with or without disabilities, ADHD, or autism. The results of the evaluation, when considered with other evaluation data, will provide you with more information on the child for diagnostic and intervention planning.

The Short Sensory Profile includes a 38-item caregiver questionnaire and score sheet designed for screening and research protocols.

Build evidence in your practice

These unique instruments offer a research-based, family-centered approach to sensory processing, provide case studies, and guide you in interpretation and intervention planning.

Sensory Profile Select Scoring Assistant

Use the Sensory Profile Select Scoring Assistant to effectively score, interpret, report, and store your results.

Sensory Profile Supplement

The Sensory Profile Supplement coupled with the Sensory Profile offers the latest research available on sensory processing, and provides a standard method for professionals to measure sensory processing abilities and the impact they may have on functional performance.

It also provides users with additional means to score and interpret the Sensory Profile and provides general information and problem-solving strategies supported by clinical reasoning, along with expanded cut scores and quadrant cut scores. Included with the supplement are also suggestions for intervention planning that are most relevant to those using the Sensory Profile and the Infant/Toddler Sensory Profile.

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