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Preschool Language Scale—Fifth Edition

2011 | Zimmerman, Ira Lee, Steiner, Violette G., Pond, BS, Evatt, Roberta

Preschool Language Scale—Fifth Edition

Interactive assessment of developmental language skills

Ages / Grades Birth—7:11
Administration Setting 45–60 minutes
Administration Format Pointing or verbal response
Scores / Interpretation Total language, auditory comprehension, expressive communication, standard scores, growth scores, percentile ranks, and language age equivalents
Scoring Options Hand-scoring
Qualification Level B


PLS–5 offers you a comprehensive developmental language assessment, with items that range from pre-verbal, interaction-based skills to emerging language to early literacy! This interactive, play-based assessment provides you with comprehensive, reliable, and trusted information about language skills for children who are at high risk for moderate-to-severe language delays. New and modified items were developed based on clinicians' feedback.

Users & Applications

  • Administer PLS–5 to test a full range of language skills across the developmental language spectrum
  • Link the Home Communication Questionnaire items directly to test tasks to serve as a baseline for testing. This frees testing time for observing natural interactions between parents and children from Birth–2:0.
  • Streamlined administration with similar items grouped for smoother transitions across test items
  • Assess preschoolers with new items assessing letter naming, book handling, and Theory of Mind
  • Evaluate early school language and literacy skills, with tasks such as storytelling, and phonological awareness
  • Now available for children through age 7 to address the needs of children with severe, persistent deficits such as children with autism

Features & Benefits

  • NEW! Track progress using Growth Scores to monitor a child's skills from Birth through age 7:11
  • Target multiple phonemes within words using the brief Articulation Screener, which now includes picture stimuli
  • Expanded coverage of early play behaviors, concepts, Theory of Mind, and emergent literacy skills
  • Manipulatives and a Picture Manual with large, colorful pictures that children love!
  • Updated Articulation Screener, now with picture stimuli

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015-8658-906 PLS–5: Basic Kit without Manipulatives
Includes Examiner’s Manual, Technical Manual, Picture Manual, 25 Home Communication Questionnaires, and 15 Record Forms
015-8658-99X PLS–5: Upgrade Manipulatives Kit
(For those who already have the PLS–4 manipulatives set) Includes plastic bear, comb, 8 crayons, 2 books, pitcher, 2 cars, 1 box with lid, 1 plastic bowl (Kit doesn’t include bubbles with wand, sheet of paper, metal keys on a ring, watch with a second hand, or sealable plastic bags.)
015-8659-880 PLS–5: Complete Kit with Manipulatives
Includes Examiner’s Manual, Technical Manual, Picture Manual, 15 Record Forms, 25 Home Communication Questionnaires, and Complete Manipulatives Kit
015-8659-899 PLS–5: Complete Manipulatives Kit
Includes plastic bear, comb, 8 crayons, 2 books, pitcher, cloth, 2 rattles, ball, 3 plastic bowls, 3 cups, 3 spoons, squeaky toy, 4 cars, 2 wind up toys, box with lid
0158658930 PLS™-5 Examiner's Manual
0158658949 PLS™-5 Picture Manual
0158658957 PLS™-5 Administration and Scoring Manual
015-8658-965 PLS–5: Record Forms
Pkg of 15
015-8658-973 PLS–5: Record Forms
Pkg of 50
015-8659-287 PLS–5: Home Communication Questionnaire
Pkg of 25
158007549 PLS–5™: Digital Stimulus Book (MAC®/Windows®)
Flash drive with stimulus book pictures and printable Administration Directions

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