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Upgrades and enhancements provide an easier and more robust implementation allowing you to help trainees achieve better results. Learn about some of Cogmed's new features in this short video. See V4.6 release notes.

Access Cogmed Training at www.mycogmed.com (formerly www.training.cogmed.com).

Cogmed Working Memory Training is an evidence-based computerized training program designed to improve attention by effectively increasing working memory capacity through a systematic training period.

Cogmed has unique and outstanding records of strong and lasting results in education and health care, making significant difference in improving people's lives.

Are you or someone you know:

  • Easily distracted and/or struggling particularly with attention concerns?
  • Having trouble completing tasks or following instructions?
  • Failing to meet academic or professional goals despite motivation and hard work?

Poor working memory could be part of the problem.

Cogmed can help!

Learn how you can help others improve their attention.

Learn how you can improve your attention.

Inquire about Cogmed for yourself or someone you know.

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